100 Cameras in 1 = Cool App

Trey Ratcliff from stuck in customs is a busy man. From traveling to taking amazing HDR photos, I am not sure how he had time to create such an interesting and cool app. 100 cameras in 1 is the name of Trey’s new app for the apple iPhone and it is a great one.

I must admit that I am not a bit fan of “artsy photos” thus I had a hard time using other photo apps that made the photos look old or faded. However, when I started playing around with 100 cameras in 1, something popped up… ACHIEVEMENTS! Yes that is right, 100 cameras in one is connected to Game Center and has a list of achievements. This definitely adds to the addiction of this app.

Another cool thing to point out are the names of the effects. Some of the names capture the feeling or mood just right and other simply make me laugh. One of my favorites and the one used on the Christmas tree above is called ” the air crackled as the spell was cast” and as you can see in the pic, it does have that sort of magical feel to it.

When I first got the app I was a little annoyed with how often it froze and shut down, but soon after the update all those problems were solved. When I checked on line there were a lot of people annoyed with the fact that the effects were merely layers or overlays or something that took away from the actual image. At first that was my thinking too, but then after I started playing around, I was hooked. I wasn’t after that actual photo (there are thousands of apps to help sharpen and clean up the image) I was trying to make something cool.

Not all the images work for every photo, but the interface allows for a quick swipe of the finger to cycle through the 100 or so effects. It makes finding the right one easy and effortless. Like most apps, this one is connected to twitter, facebook, and email so you can show off your creations to your friends and family.

For more information, check out Trey’s site Stuck in Customs to see all of the features and what the app can do. At the moment it is $1.99 at the app store so it is a bargain and definitely worth checking out.

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