Eat Your Kimchi Hits Younggungsa

Over the last few months I have started following the adventures of Super Bloggers Simon and Martina of Eat Your Today I noticed that they visited Yonggungsa Temple. If you remember I did a piece from there on Buddha’s Birthday and was actually locked out as they were closed in preparation for the event.

At any rate, check out their video as it shows a lot of the temple and the grounds. These two (Simon and Martina) are doing amazing stuff with their blog and I am glad to see that the Korean media is picking up on their quirky antics and getting them of TV as well.


  1. Simon Reply

    Thanks for the kind words 😀 Your pictures on the temple are freaking awesome.

    • jt Reply

      Thanks Simon! I had this posted before but thanks to a little boo-boo on my part and I had to restart the whole blog. I am glad you liked the post and I look forward to your latest vids.

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