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Inevitably, at some point in time you will need to get your gear cleaned and/or fixed. The beauty of this is that Korea has a great thing called “A/S Centers” which can fix your gear with in a couple of minutes to a few days depending on the items. The other cool thing is that “A/S Center” is also Konglish and can be easily understood by most.


Canon is distributed by LG here in Korea which makes getting your Camera fixed all that easier and cheaper. The other day, I went down to the Canon A/S Center in Ulsan to get my sensor cleaned. IF you bought your camera in Korea, sensor cleaning is free. If you find out like me, that your genuine LG Canon is in fact grey market, then sensor cleaning for “international models” is a mere 10,000 won. The great thing about these places is that they really know the ins and outs of your camera. With in a few minutes they came back with a clean sensor and asked if I would like the shutter release button replaced as it was hard to press. This was something that has cause me to lose a few shots over the years. I said “yes” and 15 minutes later a shiny new button was installed. The total cost was around 40,000 won. they also suggested that I return with more time and they would gut my camera, clean it out and replace what was needed.

After doing a quick search, it seems that there are some confusion as to where to find these places in Korea. Here is the page with all the A/S centers in Korea. If you are in Ulsan, go to the Taehwa Rotary and walk up towards the city hall. Don’t get tempted by the first Canon sign that you see, because they have moved a little further up. Stop in front of Ba-run-noon Ankyong It is the eye glass center with the green sign. Head to the 4th floor of that building and you’ll find the A/S center.

The business hours for these shops are usually from 9am until 6pm with a lunch break from 12pm to 1pm. They are also open on Saturdays from 9am until 2pm. Hours may change between shops but this is the usual case.

Nikon has centers all over the country as well. On their site simply click on the english “Customer Support” and choose the second option from the black menu. This will bring up a map with all of the locations across Korea. If you are in Ulsan, the A/S center is Camera Mart located near KBS hall. Busan has 2 one in Seomyon and the other in Nampodong.

The Nampodong location is also the certified Tokina A/S center where you can get your lens fixed as well. I have been having trouble with my 10-24 wide angle and I will be heading there for the 3rd time to get it unstuck. The beauty about these places is that they usually have a year warranty on their work so it is just a matter of getting there and getting it fixed. The rest will be taken care of.

Apple products are not without their problems for example I believe that I fried my usb ports last night by plugging in a crappy powered hub. The problem is that Apple is relatively new to Korea and A/S centers are not like the cool ones that we have in the US or Canada. If you can navigate the site, here is apple’s support site and the phone which I heard has an English option is 1544-2662. If you would like to take your product into the store directly there are a few places. The most common of which are the Frisbee stores. Myungdong is Seoul and has an A/S center on the 3rd floor. There is also locations in Busan as well. The first is located seomyon and the other (easier to find) is located in Nampodong next the ABC shoes. Simple just walk to the man intersection of the street and you will see it.

I have seen a bit of mistrust on the forums about Korean A/S centers but in my 8 years here, I have nothing but good things to say. In the worst cases, it has taken about a week to get fixed because some things had to be sent to Seoul, but coming from Canada, that’s not too bad.


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