It is the New Year by the Lunar Calendar and I feel that I need come up with a better name for my Blog. So, know that most of you are probably 1000 times more creative than me, I am going to run a contest and offer one sweet prize for the person that comes up with the best name for my blog.

The Contest
Create a unique and usable title for my blog.

The dates
Feb. 2nd 2011 to March 27th 2011 (My Birthday)

The Prize
The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby This book costs about 65,000 won but it is worth its weight in gold when it comes to photoshop. Trust me, this is one book that you want to have in your collection.

As I am happy to ship this out to anywhere in Korea, that is about as far as I am willing to ship the prize. If you want to enter, that is fine but I will only choose a winner from those living in Korea at the time of the draw (March 27th)

How to Enter
Simply make a comment on this post and that is it! Make sure that you include you email and that is it! You can enter as many times as you’d like.

That is it! I will hopefully be making another official announcement tomorrow (Feb. 2nd) at 11:30 am or so on TBS eFm’s show The Soul of Asia as myself and Dylan Goldby will be interviewed for their Sol-lal Special show.

Good Luck to All!!


  1. Jo Reply

    Hello Jason!

    I’ve been following your blog and I’m glad you’re able to recover your posts. I haven’t commented before but cannot resist to do so now with a possibility of winning Scott Kelby’s book! 🙂

    I would suggest: Tealography

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Chris in South Korea Reply

    I’ll start things off – The Sajin.

  3. Josh Reply

    How about:

    Korea in Pictures
    Korea Lens
    Photo Korea
    Camera Corea
    Still Korea

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  5. SEan Reply

    Foreigner Photography
    Morning Calm Photos
    Morning Calm Photography
    Photos below the 38th parallel
    The DMZ of Photography

  6. Anna Yap Reply

    I don’t live in Korea, but is it possible if I win that you send the prize to my friend who lives in Korea?




    • jt Reply

      Yup, if you win I will send it to your friend in Korea. Thanks for entering!

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  8. Kerry Maher Reply

    Your photography is amazing! Just found your blog via You are an artist. My first blog title suggestion: “aperTOUR Korea”

    • Jason Teale Reply

      Thanks! I am glad my post on waygook brought you here! Enjoy the site and if you have any more ideas for the blog name keep’em coming!

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