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First of all, I must admit that I love my email, so many great things pop up from it. One of which was last week, when I was contacted by the producer of the TBS eFM show “The Soul of Asia” hosted by John Lee.

This was a first for me to be invited to the station to talk about photography with one of Korea’s top expat photographers, Dylan Goldby. He work has been featured in many places and you might have seen his work on the covers of 10 magazine and Groove Magazine as well. He is a busy guy and one hell of a great photographer. So, in a room next to him, talking about photography, I felt like a bit of a hack. However, the cool thing about photographers in Korea is that they are all good people and Dylan was really cool.

The interview went fast and before long we were getting the signal to finish up. I was a little nervous at first given the fact that it was a live interview but I felt that it went well. I fell that for the most part, Dylan and I were on the same page for most of the topics.

SO, I just wanted to give a thank you out to Ji Eun, John Lee and the rest of the team at TBS “Soul of Asia” for have me on your show. Also to Dylan Goldby for teaching me a few things and for the great conversation over coffee.

Please check out Dylan’s work at Welkinlight Photography and his flickr page

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