Gwangju News is Looking for Photographers

Talented photographer Mark Eaton posted today about the Gwangju News needs photographers to submit photos for a 2-page layout showcasing the photographers work. This is a great way to get exposure for you photography and to get your work printed.

The Gwangju News is looking for about 10-15 photos from the photographer for consideration and that is it! Now for those that are doubtful that their work is good enough, just think to yourself “what do I have to lose?” NOTHING. Then ask yourself “What do I have to gain?” Exposure, confidence in your work, satisfaction that your passion has got on the pages of a print publication that is read by many people… Thats enough for me!

Submissions can be sent to

Also, if you have any travel stories that you would like to share along with some of the photos, they are also looking for travel articles. Actually, if you have any events, articles, poetry and whatnot, the Gwangju News is interested in it all.

I have written about getting published before and this is exactly what I am talking about. Submitting your work to awesome publications like this is a really great way to get you name out there. Even if you are not looking to get famous, why not give it a shot. personally I always love to see my work printed on something physical.


  1. Mark Eaton Reply

    Thank you, Jason. I look forward to seeing more great photographs.

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