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If you are a teacher or someone who is in Korea and spends a lot of time on forums, then you no doubt have heard of waygook.org. The site has been extremely popular in the last several months. The community is trying to be a positive influence and help teachers with everything from lesson plans to how to use your bank card.

Recently a Flickr group was put together by Zeegs to promote the works of photographers from waygook.org. In a matter of days, the group has climbed in numbers and submissions. There is a healthy group of photographers in Korea, so I hope that they continue to grow.

**Correction**  The original idea to make the group came from this thread: waygook.org/index.php/topic,7018.0.html and jaybird (alekjc on flickr) is the one who made the group.

The group also has bi-weekly photo challenges  the will help you practice and improve your craft while you are here in Korea.  The first challenge has already begun and the topic is flowers. You are encouraged to get out and shoot some new material. I am thinking of heading down to the Taehwa River Park to get some shots, if the weather ever lets up.

In the coming weeks I am excited to see how popular this group will be. So far it seems that there is a healthy interest both the flickr group and on the thread over at waygook.org If you are looking for other groups or resources to improve your photography while in Korea, I wrote about it while ago so there are a number of resources here to help you create awesome photos! Then you can submit them to the Waygook Photographers Group!

Enjoy the weather!



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