Cool Purchase #2: Trey Ratcliff’s E-Book Bonus Bundle

I love reading the most current material about photography and I love reading beautifully designed book that really jump off the screen. So when I purchased Trey’s ebook bonus bundle, I love reading each volume.  Not to mention a few of the ebook templates were designed by Ulsan’s own Griffin Stewart!!

Click here to view more details on Trey’s Book bundle

The amazing thing about ebooks is that you can take so many of them anywhere! So when you are on a shoot you can have your library at your finger tips to refer back to when you need inspiration. This is something that really accelerates you learning. You’ll never have to return home and do a face-palm when you realize you have forgotten to  set your white balance “like it said in the book” because you had the book with you the whole time! You can save the face-palming for more important blunders like shooting all day without a memory card **can easily be fixed by turning the feature off in your camera settings**

The one thing that I like about Trey’s books is that he writes with a sense style and humor. In chapter 3 of his book ” 10 Principles of Beautiful Photography” he lays it straight for you “Get rid of your toy camera” I couldn’t help but laugh. Especially after numerous people have handed me their  point and shoot Canon ixus  cameras and demanded that I show them the button that I use to get “those colorful shots”

Why I Bought the Set

I need to read. I need to improve my skills and create a usable workflow for my shots. When I saw the package and the price, I purchased them without hesitation. You get 4 books and an HD video for around $37!! Not to mention the are actually great books. The titles include; 10 Principles of Beautiful Photography, Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing and How to Fix Them, Composing the Photo: Creating Order from the Chaos, and Digital Workflow for Photographers, that also includes the 20 minute HD video.  These are also the bonus editions so you are getting extra bits plus saving on the overall price!

Each of these books helped answer a lot of questions that I have about composition and HDR photography. The workflow guide is especially important for those of us who shoot 1000 photos in a weekend and get backlogged on the editing. The video is straightforward and easy to follow.

In Top 10 HDR Processing Mistakes, trey takes a look at his earlier work and shows how to fix it. Some review state that he is a little vague on the “fixing” but I feel that Trey point’s out enough that you can keep your images clean and looking relatively normal.

What I Do With All My E-Books

At the beginning of this post I mentioned that you can bring your library with you.  How I carry mine is with dropbox. I have it installed on my home computer, work computers, and my iPhone. When I am on location, if I need the advice or inspiration, it is all there. I flips through the beautiful photos and get ideas for my shots. It is a great system!

Also having them everywhere, means that I can actually read them when I want to or when my school tells me that I have to sit at my desk for 8 hours in an empty while the rest of the teachers go on a vacation at Everland in Seoul.  Again, having beautiful books to read is a plus and Trey’s are amazing.

Here is the link to to purchase. ($37.39 for 4 books and a vid, that ‘s pretty sweet)

Here is Trey’s Blog

And here is Griffin’s site. The man behind a few of the more dazzling books in the bundle.

Just like last time, I don’t get anything from these posts or the people that I talk about. I have paid for these with my own cash  and I am satisfied with that. Why I am writing these is to pass on my satisfaction and hope that you can gain as much information as I have from these purchases.


  1. Griffin Reply

    Thanks so much for the mention and glad you liked the design and the eBooks.

    As always, thanks for sharing your passion and knowledge of and for photography with others. Keep up the great work Jason! Hope to see you soon.

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