I was just watching episode 80 of D-Town TV and RC mentioned this new site [edit: not so new, thanks Dylan] that popped up for photographers, called 500px. Now initially I thought to myself “oh another photo-sharing site that is trying to copy flickr” and then when he mentioned about the quality of the photos and I thought “ah yes another site made up by camera-snobs who hate HDR and will rip apart your photos should you dare upload any” but then I took a look at the site and was impressed.

Yes, there are so many great photos on there, but they are the best of what people have. So, in effect, this is not a place where you just “dump” all of your photos from the weekend. This is more a place where you choose some of your best and post them up.  Think like a portfolio of sorts, you want people to see your best work, not everything that the camera recorded for a 10 year time frame.

There is a rating feature that is like a lot of the other photo-sharing sites  out there but as RC points out in the D-Town show, “Don’t get too caught up with it” Just use the photos as a source of inspiration. I think that is the key for most new photographers.


So with that in mind I want you all to take a look at 500px and sign up. The basic account is free and sign up is painless. You can only upload about 20 images a week and 10 in a day, but I think that is pretty fair.  Then get inspired! Go out and get some shots!

If you are looking to see what I have uploaded here is my page


  1. Sungjin Kim Reply

    Thank you for sharing great info!
    Have a nice weekend..

  2. Dylan Reply

    Jason, this is a great site, and I’ve been meaning to get into it for a while. Just a little note… it is far from “new”… it’s been around for years now, it’s just recently getting popular.

    • Jason Teale Reply

      Ah… Thanks for the info! Dunno why I assumed it was a new site. Thanks for the comment Dylan.

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