Seoknamsa and the Rainy Day


Too often were put our camera gear away when the weather turns gray and rain starts to fall. However, did you know that the gray overcast actually makes colors pop and that the rain gives gives texture and mood to an otherwise boring shot?

The other other great part of at my shooting day was getting out and shooting with other photographers. A few weeks ago, David Unwin a brilliant photographer I met while doing an English summer camp at UNIST for the Ulsan Ministry of Education. We haven’t seen too much of each other since then but have kept in touch via social media. At any rate, we wanted to meet up and get some shots with our mutual friend and another brilliant photographer Griffin Stewart along with Garrett Fallin (whose youtube page is amazing by the way!) .  There are a lot of brilliant photographers in the area and I am happy to at least know a few of them.

At any rate, last Saturday we met up and headed out to one of my new favorite places, Jakgwaecheon for some shots. There is only so many shots that you can get there before the jumping of water and slipping on rocks gets the better of you. So we went out to Seoknamsa for the standard “Temple Shots of Korea” Which, anyone who has visited Korea, probably has in their collection. However, with the conditions the way they are and the location,  I thought that it would be interesting to see what we all came up with.

We all braved the rain and I believe that we all took home some great shots from the day. We later spent the time chowing down on some delicious Kraze Burgers. I am glad that they changed up their restaurant because I was tired of being in the center the floor and having everyone walk past staring.

All in all, it was a great day and I am looking forward to doing it again very soon. It is not too often that I get a chance to hang out with not only great photographers but great people as well. Thanks again guys for coming out and I hope that we can do it again!



  1. Nomadic Samuel Reply

    These are great photos – love the different perspectives. I’ll check out the other photographers you’ve mentioned in your post. Also, I’ve had a few Kraze burgers myself when I used to live in Korea. They’re pretty good!

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