Google + for Korean Photographers

I have been playing around with Google + now for a few weeks and have realized that it is a great place… mostly for photographers. Well, at least in my circles anyway. Since it started up it seems that many photographers like Trey Ratcliff have take full advantage of the social networking capabilities of this new social network and created vast lists of photographers around the world. I have even had the great opportunity to do a hangout with some great people in the creative community like Chris Backe Britt Kee and Steve Miller, all thanks to Jeff Lebow of the Korea Bridge.

As most of my contacts recently on Google+ have been photographers and the lists of photographers that have been created, I thought “Why not do this for photographers in Korea?” What this can do is increase the communication between us here in Korea and allow for some interesting dialogues. The idea of doing “hangouts” is also something that has intrigued me as well. The ability to get photographers together to regular hangouts, which are basically video chats through Google+, is something that I think is worth pursuing. After the chat with Jeff and the gang, I was on a sort of a “creative buzz” and to be honest I was so stoked to have spoken with such interesting people here in Korea that I couldn’t even sleep.

With that being said, here is what I would like to do. If you have a Google + account or would like one, leave your link or a comment in the section below and I will add you to the “Korean Photography List” and I will also create a Google doc that will have all the useful information that you would like to share. That way we can keep in contact and share information when we need to.

If you would like to add me on Google+ here is my profile If you need an invite, I have about 150 waiting to send out, so you can leave your email and I will send you an invite.  Once I get a large enough circle we can start doing hangouts if people are interested.


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