Time Lapse and Intervalometers


I gave myself a project this month to create a stunning time lapse of Korea. In order to get a “stunning time lapse of Korea” I must first invest in an Intervalometer which is almost necessity for this type of project. Of course, you could just time your shots and press the shutter release yourself but for this you need something more consistent. You could also try building it yourself in a variety of ways. The most interesting one is using the Nintendo DS hack.

Canon TC-80N3 Remote Timer (from the web)
The most obvious choice are the ones made by Canon and Nikon, like the TC-80N3 made by Canon. Now these can get a little pricey, ranging from 80,000 won used to close to 200,000 won for a new one. For me, this was not in the budget, so I hit up Gmarket. I went with the cheapest one that I could find and was genuinely shocked at what I got a few days later. It basically was the Canon model, minus the price tag and probably the quality. However, for 39,900 won I would expect there to be some quality issues especially since I never heard of the company before and “Made in China” was proudly stamped on the front of the package.

Now, after a few times out testing the device, it seems to work like any other remote. The instruction booklet that came with the remote had some great uses of the English language, but over all it was helpful in figuring out the different mode and helping to set the remote properly for time lapse photography.

Time lapse photography is something that has peaked my interest recently and I must admit it is really challenging. This is what I came up with in a recent test and the video that I am creating will be out at the end of the month.


  1. Sean Reply

    I bought my intervalometer on ebay several months ago for $20 plus $5 for shipping and it works great. It’s been a while since I used it, but there was no way I was going to buy the Canon branded one as it was too expensive. Took a chance on a cheap after market product and I’ve been happy.

    I’ve also been told that there are some after market battery grips that include an intervalometer, though I’m not sure how I would like that over the corded one.

  2. Dylan Reply

    Funny thing that… I’ve been working on one myself… we should talk…

    • Jason Teale Reply

      That we should! I have been putting together something for the 10 mag contest recently. We should collaborate on something soon as this style is growing on me.

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