Ulsan’s Daeboreum Festival

Here are some shots from Ulsan’s festival held last Monday. It was a strange festival simply because it didn’t have that “huge celebration” feel to it like other years. Yes there was a stage with acrobats and the announcers mics were on full blast but I guess I wasn’t really in “the mood” or really feeling that creative. Perhaps I was a little burnt out from all the photo work that I have been doing lately but for whatever reason, to me, these photos are simply “meh”

I think that was also echoed by the online responses which were almost nonexistent. By that I mean from the photo circles on 500px, Flickr, and Google+. I don’t put much stock in facebook anymore as I have noticed two things. The first being that you will always have friends and family “liking” your shots or you won’t because your friends (much like mine) don’t see them thanks to the selective filters from facebook. Either way, I have found that it simply not a good enough way to really tell if your shot is good or not.

Any rate, I just made a quick slideshow and posted a favorite one for yo to enjoy.

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