Not What I was Expecting

As I posted yesterday, I “was” going out to get some shots of the cherry blossoms around Ulsan. I was, really… I was. However, after having a most amazing lunch with my wife and then some coffee, just as the sun was getting about right we saw black smoke. Initially we went to investigate but it was too far away to get to in the time that we had. However, after dropping off my wife, I did what any photographer with a 70-200mm f/2.8 in his bag would do… go check it out.

It wasn’t hard to find and I had thought that I had missed the action as I pulled up. However, the fire had not finished and spread to a near by pile of garbage. It wasn’t anything big but there were a few onlookers (myself included) and traffic was being directed away. Strangely enough, it was farming as usual for the family directly below the flaming farm.

At any rate, I will try and get out today and get some shots. Hopefully I can come up with something new.


  1. Steve Miller Reply

    Those are some great shots. I love the way you captured the smoke!

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