Where to Shoot! Weekend Edition

For this first post for what I hope to be a great series, I am going to give you a sort of mission and a place (if you are close by) to try and shoot. If you get something good, I will post if on next weeks edition. At any rate, the blossoms have sprung down here in Ulsan I am off to try and get some great shots. It is such an amazing time, but I think that these precious little flowers have been over shot in the typical sense. So your mission for this weekend is to check out the blossoms and find a new creative angle to shoot.

I guess the trick for me is to look at what everyone else has done and then try something new. Try HDR (if you haven’t already), try macro, black and white, work your composition and see what happens. Let me know how this works out for you. I would love to see what people get.


At any rate, today I am off to Seosaengpo, (awesome write up on it by Ed at Tigers and Magpies) the Japanese fortress to check out how things are doing down there. I love this area and I am pleased to see that they are slowly improving the local infrastructure of Jinha to meet the times. By that I mean taking the beach area and putting in cafes and restaurants. I am all for local charm but the Jinha beach area that holds international events like beach volleyball and windsurfing competitions was looking a little worn out. At any rate, it looks much better now and will probably  only get better if I know Ulsan people.

I went to this spot last year with Griffin Stewart, who is now traveling in South America and I wish him all the best. We had a great time up there and I hope that it will be just as spectacular this time around. So if you are in the area, head on over soon and check it out.


  1. Kat Reply

    Hey just found your blog – I’m a photographer/teacher that’s just moved to Ulsan (Eonyang!)… We’re going to go check out the cherry blossoms this week in Gyeongju. Cool blog!

    • Jason Teale Reply

      I just checked out your site and it is amazing!! I love the blog too! If you head to Kyeongju then the front area around bulguksa is great for blossoms. Bohmun Resort area is also nice around the lake. I hope that you enjoy your time here and I will keep you posted for our next photowalk.

  2. Chris in South Korea Reply

    I went to this area around the same time and had a blast! It was definitely beautiful with the cherry blossoms – in fact, I’ll have a post on it coming out tomorrow 🙂

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