Flash Light Photography Workshop: Recap


Participants test some of the new skills they learned during Saturday’s Workshop in Busan.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of popping by to see how Dylan and crew were doing in Seomyon, Busan. Dylan Goldby was down in our neck-of-the-woods doing one of his Flash Light Photography workshops. I was only there for a very brief time but I wanted to get a chance to see one of Korea’s hardest working photographers in action. If you haven’t heard of these workshops, then you are missing out on some much needed knowledge.

Hands-on instruction from one of the best working photographers in Korea

When I first arrived (close to 7 hours late due to a photo gig), I was met by none other than Peter DeMarco from Korea How and Uni Jobs Korea. It was the huge smile on his face that let me know that things were going well. With a brief discussion Pete explained how he learned tips that made the most difficult shots seem simple. That is the kind of info that you want. We all know how the aperture works by now, what we want is how to get amazing shots using only a speed light.

Dylan takes you through the process and has enough equipment on hand to allow each person to give each technique a go. The fun environment was refreshing and I really liked how everyone was getting involved, carrying gear and being models for each other.

Dylan showing off his soft box. With his careful instruction his students will figure out the finer points of his photographic magic.

The other thing to note is that Dylan is an expert teacher and that counts for a lot when you are dealing something technical like lighting and camera settings. He knows both canon and nikon cameras extremely well and will guide you through each shot without making you feel like a novice/idiot or anything.

If you get a chance the next time Dylan and crew have one of their workshops, I would highly recommend that you go. Getting a chance to be shown how to use equipment like this will benefit you in many ways. It could also spark an interest in a style of photography that is very much in demand. Also note that it is not often you get this kind of expert teaching in in Korea, in English. While you have the time and money, use it to invest in your talent.

Dylan shows how much he loves using diffuser on a flash outside… I think he said that he uses them all the time… LOL (he actually quite repeatedly stated the opposite, except in this case)


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