Simple Scene, Sensational Shot by Simon Bond

Images courtesy of Simon Bond

Simon Bond takes the photos that we all wish that we could take. His style of photography is perfect for the lifestyle and the shots that he gets reflect it. His photos are jaw-dropping gorgeous, but have you ever wondered how to get those kinds of shots? Well, I have and I am happy to announce that Simon has book that will help you out.

Recently, Mark Eaton blogged about Simon in a great interview that really gives you a sense of who Simon is and his amazing photos. You can check that interview out here  It was after reading this that I knew that I had to contact Simon and get the word out about his book. Mark Eaton’s interview will give you an idea about how amazing Simon’s photos are and how well he has mastered photography.

As for the book, it will take you through a series of case studies in order to teach you how to properly use your camera in a variety of situations. This is a very effective way of teaching as you will further understand the techniques better in real life situations. Of Course, Simon will also take you through the basics to begin with, but the real meat and potatoes of the book are the case studies. They allow you to take what you learn and apply it in the field and after all, that is what the basis of a good photography book is all about.

I feel that this book is a must buy for those of us in Korea as Simon spent 5 years in Suncheon, teaching English. So his skill set has a solid footing in Korea. Something that a lot of books out there do not. Simon breaks the techniques up into usable chunks to help you “digest” the information better without focussing too heavily on the technical jargon. Something that a lot of photography books do. The other notable thing is that it is also designed not only for travel but to help you “re-see” your own neighborhood and thus, will help you take better photos on your travels in the long run.

Currently Simple Scene, Sensational Photography is for sale on Amazon for $18.52 and that is a heck of a deal as the last photo book that I bought cost around $50. 


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