The 2012 Worldwide Photo Walk in Ulsan

Well, it is Monday and the #WWPW is still trending on Google+ so you know it was a great event. In Ulsan, it was no different. The event went off without a hitch and I am happy to say that a lot of people showed up with photographers coming all the way from Eonyang and Busan.

The photo walk was great for me as I got a chance to explain a few things about photography to new photographers and meet a lot of new people. There is also something great about showing people the effects that you can do with depth of field and a 50mm F1.4 can do.

Overall, I am happy that there was a great mix of people and that everyone got to head out and do their own thing if they wanted to. I stayed back showing people a few locations that I like to shoot and how to get the best out of their cameras.  All in all, I hope that people too something away from it.

The light faded quickly and it gave everyone a chance to test out night photography and learn the importance of a tripod. We finished with a meal that MoMo’s and managed to get a room big enough for the remaining 10 group members.  Sadly, the service that night was not 100% but it was enough to get food out at some point.

After a great conversation, everyone went home. I succumbed to my cold and spent the rest of the weekend in bed. With that being said, you can check out the group’s work on our Flickr page as they slowly upload them throughout the week.

I would also just want to thank everyone who came out. I look forward to doing events like this in the future and if you have any ideas for future event, don’t be afraid to don’t a comment below or contact me directly!


  1. Mark Eaton Reply

    I’m glad to know it went well! Great job, Jason.

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