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Recently, on one of the many Facebook groups that I read, someone was asking about Kelby Training. They were wondering if it was worth the money or not. In short, I believe it is… if you want to commit to learning and the time.[box type=”info”] Disclaimer: Kelby Training did not pay me for this post. I am merely posting it to help direct people over that way who are considering getting a subscription. They have not given me anything to say these nice things, I am just saying them because I am extremely satisfied with their courses and online training.[/box]

What I mean by this is if you are just looking for some quick tips, they have those but the real value for you is in the courses that are  designed like a real photography course with materials to download and step-by-step instruction. It takes some time, often a few hours to get through each of the courses and you really start to see the value in it.

Is It For Me?

Well, that is a good question. If you are here in Korea and are like me, outside of Seoul, it is a good, if not a great option. The reason is that Kelby Training gives you a complete course in pretty much every field of photography that I can think of . Courses that specific are extremely hard to find in Korea and even harder if you live outside of Seoul. Couple that with a full schedule, if you are like me and you are pretty much SOL for improving your craft beyond ordering books from What The Book.

The Price

If you are worried about price then you have picked the wrong hobby to get into. However, with the above question I would suggest just trying for a month. The full year is about $199  and if that is too much, you can always pay monthly for just $24.95. Again, I am not getting any thing for this, just giving the price. For the amount of information that you get, this is not a bad price.

The Courses 

If you are wondering about the courses, you don’t have to worry. They cover everything from outdoor photography with Moose Peterson to Lightroom and Photoshop tips with a wide variety of teachers. The best thing about Kelby training is that it is so up-to-date but also spans a long enough time period that if you are working with some solder software you can still find courses.

Another thing to note that the courses also helped me redo my blog and give it a more updated look. Instructors like RC Concepcion are masters at wordpress and that was something that I really needed to learn. The creative and Web courses offer a  variety of courses on numerous web programs that may not be directly related to the traditional photographer but if you have ever tried to put anything on the web yourself, then you’ll find the courses quite useful.

The Final Word

All in all, I give Kelby training two thumbs up as it is worth the money if you have the time and patience to sit down and watch the videos. These are well done tutorials from some of today’s best photographers.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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