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Recently Google+ which is already a haven for photo-buffs came out with an answer for the ever so popular “Facebook Group” Now, if you have ever dipped into the wealth of social activities that is Google+, you will know that it is sort of a hit and a miss.

What I mean by that is while there are thousands of people on Google+, but most of my “friends” are still on Facebook and communicate through that directly. However, most of my professional contacts and photographer friends use Google+. Some have said that it is “over-saturated with photographers” but if you are a fan of my photographer then you will know that this is right up my alley.

A Google+ Community is much  like a Facebook group or forum but I find that it is much more organized and has the ability to be a little bit more social. Members can post directly to the main board or in sections that the owner has created. This means that your post won’t get lost in the flow as easily if it were in a regular group or posted directly to the public on your profile page.

At any rate, I thought that I would list a few notable Communities for photography:

Korean Photography This is a group that I have created to help create more of a Korea-centered photography community and discussion.

Landscape Photography A great and lively community set up by Jay Patel, an excellent and inspiring landscape photographer.

Trey Ratcliff’s HDR Community This is a very active and thriving community all about HDR. It is a little hyper-active right now but you will get a lot more discussion about your photos if you post there.

Jimmy McIntyre’s HDR Community  With a less busy feel, this community will offer some great feedback and support on your work. There are dedicated members here that produce some great work.

The Art of Post-processing A community that is sort of a mixed bag when it comes to photography. It offers up some interesting posts about photo manipulation and a fair amount of HDR too.

The Photo Community One of the larger photography communities out there. With about 19,171 members at the time of this post, you can be sure that you can connect with a lot of other photographers.

The Stuck In Customs Community Another one of Trey’s communities but this allows you to post and critique photos as well.


As you can tell, these fit sort of my style of photography but trust me there are thousands of communities out there to meet your needs. If there isn’t one? we by all means start one up and let me know!


Oh and I have also started up a small Ulsan Community as well but that is more of a community/ living style of “group” but if you like  or live in Ulsan feel free to contribute.

Also note that there are tons of communities for just about everything that you can think of and a lot have Korean content as well. Just give it a search!

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