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I was going to post this earlier and completely forgot about it. At any rate, about a week or so ago I was able to meet up with some of Ulsan’s hardcore photographers. By that I mean the ones willing to head out to Jangsaengpo on a rainy Saturday to shoot from the top of a building. It was a cold meet up, but it was a great one. I think this meet up opened a lot of people’s eyes to the excitement and torture that is photography.


In many cases you will brave the cold to get only one good shot or not at all. However, given the careful nature of most of the photographers out that Saturday, I am sure that a lot got some great photos. I have been seeing a few on the “Photographers in Ulsan” page and I have been impressed. I really liked how there were many people out who were not┬ánecessarily┬álandscape photographers but they just wanted to come and experience the place.


At any rate, I had a great time, even if my own shots were not that stunning. I am still on the hunt for the next great location for a photo walk or meet up.


[box] To get to this location: Head out to the Whale Museum in Jangsaenpo and turn right at the Hyundai Mobis sign. Follow the road around to Jangsaenpo Elementary School and pull into the parking lot on your right. You will see the large while building on your right as well. Head to the top floor and shoot away![/box]

The group braving the cold weather
The group braving the cold weather


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