Getting the Shot 19: Lotte Department Store

Lotte Department Store

For a while now I have wanted to get to the top of these distinctive twin towers on the skyline of Ulsan. I was definitely lucky as when I walked up to the doors of tower 101, a family was coming out. I was able to get in without a problem. Upon getting to the top there was a ton of great opportunity for shots. The best part was that the work men had left behind a ladder allowing me to climb up and shoot over top of the high walls.

The Shot: I wanted to get a view that was unique to the location but also make use of the roads to lead the eye through the frame. I also got there early enough that the sky was bright enough that it was still blue and had some definition in the clouds.

The Location: This was shot from the top floor of the Sky Rex Towers in Ulsan. Now to get in you either have to know someone or time your entry right. I was lucky that as I came to the door, some people were leaving and held the door for me. This may not always be the case and please some etiquette when entering buildings like this. Sky Rex is located in Samsan-dong kitty corner to the Lotte Department Store.

[box type=”warning”] Please try to get permission to shoot in buildings like this. It may not always work but at least you can try. The last thing security wants to deal with is a bunch of photographers skulking around the doors. Shots like this happen because you can get in and out without bothering anyone. [/box]


The Post Processing: This was a typical shot. I then used Photomatix to tone map the images. I kept them rather dark to give more contrast to the overall image and more importantly to the sky. I then used Photoshop CS6 to sharpen and adjust the image. The other thing that I did was use Imagenomic’s Noiseware 5 to cut down the noise in the sky and give it a smoother more flowing look.

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