2013 Burns Night Charity Ball


Back in January, I had the distinct pleasure of once again shooting the Burns Night Charity Ball. If you are not familiar with Burns Night, they are usually nights put together to honour one of Scotland’s greatest poets, Robert Burns. Ulsan however, has turned it into one the best charity fundraisers in the area.


This year saw the highest turn out and the most amount raised for the 3 charities that the St. Andrew’s Society Committee chose to receive the funds back in 2012.The Ulsan Parent’s Group of Child Caners, The Ulsan Orphanage, and The Ulsan Big Light Church are the chosen charities for this event and this year they are splitting the grand total of 60,000,000 won!


Also this year saw the guest list include some impressive VIPs as well. The British Ambassador and his wife were in attendance as well as the Vice-president and Senior Vice-president of Hyundai Heavy Industries. With these esteemed guests along with the rest of the generous  attendees of this years event, it was an amazing time.


Being my second time shooting this event, I was confident that I would please the committee and come away with some good shots. I did have a few challenges but understanding the event and knowing what to expect this time was a great asset to have.


One of the things that I like about working for the St. Andrew’s Committee is that they time everything out. I was grateful to be given a better role in choosing the lighting in the main hall this time around. I was also allowed to give my opinion on certain details of the event. This was key in being able to pull of key shots in the time frame that was created.


One of the biggest challenges this year was getting the cover shot for FLiK Magazine. I was so lucky that I caught the staff when I did or else the ice sculpture that was going to be in the main shot would have ended up in the trash. The staff said that it was melting and cracking. I believed them but we needed the shot. Luckily the committee snapped into action and we got everyone in place.


I spent the next 4 days hammering out photos for the committee. The red carpet shots are what everyone enjoys and are available for download along with the rest of the shots from the evening. It was a long few days and I am happy that I pushed to get them done. This was a great event and I was happy to be apart of it.



  1. John Steele Reply

    Nice event, and I like the name of your blog, the sajin

    • Jason Teale Reply

      Thanks John! I have also been really enjoying your photos on Google+

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