Photo Walk: Ulsan Shinhwa Village


Back in July, Martin Rehder wrote a great article on Ulsan Online about the Ulsan Shinhwa Art Village and I immediately thought that it would be a great place for a photo walk. I didn’t get around to checking the place out until this past weekend and I was pleasantly shocked at how interesting the place was. There were so many little paths leading off the main road that it is a treasure trove of photographic subjects.


One of the main things that I found interesting about the village was that the backdrop for the area was the Onsan Petrochemical complex. So there was this juxtaposition of brightly painted neighbourhood and the smoke stakes of the factories in the background.  Also note that the surrounding area is also a little in ruined and there is another neighbourhood slated for demolition (people still live there) near by. So with that, this area really shines.

I decided last weekend to finally  head out there to see what it was all about and if there was anything worthwhile to shoot. Upon parking, I immediately knew this place would make a great photo walk and wanted to do it as soon as possible. Seriously, you could spend hours out there and still not be satisfied with your coverage. Every little corner has something interesting painted on it or glued to it.  So with that, I present to you this month’s photo walk!


Location: Ulsan Shinhwa Art Village

Date and Time: Sunday, February 17th 3 pm

Directions: Heading from Lotte Department store, go straight to Yeo-cheon Oh-geo-ri. That is the massive intersection before Onsan Petrochemical Complex. When you get to the intersection, head right. The entrance will be immediately on your left. The bus #226 will drop you off right in front and the station is called “Yeo-cheon Oh-geo-ri”


Meeting Point: We will meet at the top of the hill in front of the bamboo statue-thing at 3 pm sharp. From there we all will walk around and see the sites.

Meet in front of this guy
Meet in front of this guy

End Time: The photo walk will go on as long as needed. If we want to grab a coffee after that would be great as well.

I hope to see everyone out. This should be a fun day and a relaxing one. This will be a day to work your creative side and see what you can make of the area.

[box type=”info”] Please remember that people live in this area and in the houses. Please be respectful of them and their space. [/box]

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