The Shinhwa Photo Walk Review


So yesterday turned out to be a little more gloomy than what I was hoping for. It still didn’t stop people from coming out to get some great shots of the area. The interesting part was that we were not the only group out taking some shots. There were a number of Korean photographers about taking different shots of the village and even using some pretty darn expensive gear and a few models as well.


The day seemed to flow by very quickly for me. We even had a strange encounter with a slightly drunken man who invited us to his house in the village. While at first, I thought that he was overly friendly, I realized soon after he almost fell through the door that he was hammered. Oh well, we peeked in, saw his places and then we politely left before things got even weirder. I believe in the end he was trying to ask me for something, at first I thought it was money but in retrospect it could also have been a business card although the way he was rubbing his fingers made me think that it was the former.


This shinhwa village is a great place for interesting shots and unique designs. I noticed that each little ally way also has an established theme to the art pained on the walls as well. There was the optical illusion ally and the music ally, etc. All of which had big signs telling people to be quiet. I guess having paintings that attract a lot of attention also attracts a lot of noise.

At any rate, it was a great day out and I finished the day taking lightroom 4 out for a test drive to see how my aging Macbook Pro stood up to the strain of all that processing power. I worked well and from just a day or so of playing around with some presets and whatnot, I am sold. It is a great program that will totally change my workflow for the better.


Don’t forget that if you didn’t get a chance to come out yesterday, we will be meeting up again at Ilsan beach on February 24th for the Jangweol Daeborum Festival. I will be posting more details later on in the week.

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