2013 Ulsan International Photography Festival

Ribbon cutting ceremony

With great pleasure I announce that my photos will be a part of this years Ulsan International Photography Festival. This is an event that I have paid money to just look at the amazing photos and now my photos will be there! As you can tell, I am quite excited about this.


The official event opened at 3 pm on Thursday and I was there along with Masahiro Oku who was visiting from Japan. The event is held that the Ulsan Culture and Arts Center in Dal-dong. It is right next to KBS hall. It is a great venue and the photos look great.

Mr. Oku filming the event. Infront are his submissions
Mr. Oku filming the event. Infront are his submissions

The photos span a wide range of genres with a focus on the work of Olivier Valsecchi. However, this is one of the few events that I have been to in Korea that actually has an even distribution of Korean and International artists. With photographers works coming in from the Czech Republic, Iran, Iceland, England, USA and many others including myself from Canada. Check out the exhibitors page here to get a view of the artists and their works

Submissions from Olivier Valsecchi

[box type=”info”] The event will run until June 18th at the Ulsan Culture and Arts Center in Daldong. Admission is 8,000 won and that covers the other galleries in the basement as well. The hours are from 10am until 8pm most days. [/box]


The Ulsan Culture and Arts Center: The small square building on the right of the main structure

Ulsan International Photography Festival 2013 environment



  1. Mark Eaton Reply

    That is great, Jason!

  2. David M Reply

    Well done buddy! Have fun.

    • Jason Teale Reply

      Thank you David! I am hoping that it will open a few doors here. Thanks again for stopping by!

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