Peter DeMarco’s 2nd Solo Exhibition


Recently,  I had the pleasure of being at the opening of Peter DeMarco’s 2nd solo exhibition titled “The Nomad Within: The Wonders of Asia”. I regretfully missed his first one but being as this exhibition is Ulsan, I had no excuses.

Peter DeMarco standing with gallery owner
Peter DeMarco stands in front of the IUM Gallery Art Space with owner Im Cho Long

Peter’s photos are inspiring and professional. His awards and accolades are constantly increasing  as well as his photographic ability which you can clearly see in the photos on display at the IUM Art Space Gallery.

Toast inside the gallery with Peter DeMarco and and the Nam-gu District Chief
Toasting the opening lead by the nam-gu district chief (center in pink and blue)

The IUM Art Space Gallery is a brand new gallery which is located right next to Pop Factory and just down from the Nam-Gu Office. The newly remodeled “Art Street” is the perfect location for the gallery. Inside you will find a modern space prefect to display Peter’s finest works.

Group shot of people standing in front of IUM Art Space Gallery
Peter joined by guests of honour at the gallery opening

Peter’s photos are bright and show his abilities. Peter’s photos jump off the walls with colour and that is something that really struck me about the exhibition was how colourful each of his shots were. Not to mention that his photos cover the different locations of his numerous travels.


Peter’s exhibition will run until July 28th and the gallery hours are from 10:30am t0 9:00pm and they are closed on Mondays.

Detailed directions to the gallery can be found on Peter’s site in his post.

Peter and friends



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    I appreciate you taking the time to put this together Jason!

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