Playing with Patterns


When ever I look at a landscape often a pattern will pop up or a break in the pattern that I see before me. Recently, I started playing around with a lot of the cityscapes that I have been taking and then testing out this quest for patterns elsewhere in my photographic travels.


I find the patterns that we make as humans very interesting as well as the ones that nature makes. However, I think as humans when building apartments and houses we don’t often realize what patterns we are making until you look at them from a distance of from up above. We as sometimes in nature we have to get a little close to see the pattern. The cool thing about patterns in nature that they can be pretty much everywhere. From mountains to plants, you just have to take a step back and look.


These days when I get on to the roof of a super tall building I am looking for these patterns. Seeing if I can create a different effect back zooming in. Some times it works and some times it doesn’t. I have experimented with this on a number of different themes like using a square crop and black and white. Each has their own interesting features.

8581905576_4f05150f9c_cAt any rate, if you are stuck for an idea this weekend, give this a shot. It may just give you some inspiration to do something amazing… or not. Let me know how it goes and have a great weekend.


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