The Palace

building construction black and white
One of the buildings in the area being built back in 2007

One of the tragedies of Ulsan’s housing boom was the numerous “busts” that came when the prices of apartments exceeded what people were willing to pay. One of those was the Palace D’Sante or whatever it is being called now. In 2007, it popped up along the street next to two other high-rise apartments. These were to be the future of living in Ulsan. However, due to the changing markets and no doubt some shifty backdoor deals, it stood completed but empty for many years.


Now, they are started the push to get people to fill the towers. As the area around the apartments has changed, they are staggering to keep up. Coffee shops are being slammed in and other “brand name” shops are slated to go in. With so much activity it means doors are open and no one cares who is coming and going. This means getting to the roof was easy for me.


I first tried the tower closest to KBS hall as the doors were wide open and there was not a soul around. Upon getting to the roof I quickly found that the other tower blocked the view of the river. However, I made the best of it. I focussed on the surrounding buildings and streets.


The second night, I returned and got in just as the security guard turned his back to answer the phone. This tower had a much better view and the evening sky that night was amazing. I made the best use of the time that I had as my wife was waiting for me in the car below. The things that I was focussing on this time were the colours and layers of the sunset as well as the river. I tried to to get as many of the taller buildings into the scene as well.


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