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Red Sky

By on Sep 30, 2013 in Korea, Photography | 2 comments

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Some times you just have to drop what you are doing and get out of your house to get some shots. This was one of those nights. My wife and I were sitting down for a nice dinner and the skies just lit up. I must admit it was hard to concentrate. I kept telling myself that” it wasn’t that good and it will fade away soon” However, the skies just got better and better.

My wife finally gave me the green light as I think that even she wanted to see some shots of the spectacle in the sky.  I quickly grabbed my camera and headed out to the bridge as I recently found out that all of the doors to the roof of my apartment building are locked. Problem was that I waiting a little too long and I really had to hustle to get to the bridge in good time. This is a problem when you are wearing flip-flops and have a belly full of fried chicken.

Finally getting to the bridge, it was starting to settle down but there was still a bit of shooting time left. I set up my camera and quickly started shooting. There were a few Korean photographers there too but they strangely didn’t have any tripods. I sort of found out why and that was the vibrations from the traffic went up through my tripod blurring a lot the the later shots.

At any rate, the few sharp shots that I got were very cool and I am still shock at the display that I saw in the sky. These are some of the times that you just have to do what you can to get out and shoot.


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