Sunset Day

In honour of the Weather Channel’s Sunset Day event on Google+ I thought that I would show a few of my recent sunset shots. In the recent months, there have been some spectacular sunsets. Part of my interest in this event is because of my geography background. My final course that I took was climatology and that helped give me an interest in weather and things like this.

I am hoping that this event will produce some great photos. So now that you are wondering what exactly I am talking about, I will give you the details. The Weather Channel on google+ is “sending summer off into the sunset” by getting everyone to take a picture of the sunset on September 19th. Be sure to hashtag them with #sunsetday to make sure that they see you awesome shots. Here is the rest of the infor from the Weather Channel’s Google+ page.

As you post your photos, be sure to tag them with #sunsetday. A select number of our favorite photos will be shown on The Weather Channel and accompany a slideshow on Other favorites will be posted and rotated through as the cover photo on both +The Weather Channel  and the +Google+ Photos  Google+ page.
Note: Only photos uploaded and posted to the event page on September 19 will be considered




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  1. John Steele Reply

    Stunning shots Jason, really love them all!

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