Jean-Marc Lalonde Sports Day Fundraiser

photo to raise funds for the family of jean-Marc Lalonde
This framed photo will be auctioned off to help raise funds for the family of Jean-Marc Lalonde

Earlier this week, I received the news that a long time resident and friend in Ulsan was killed in a traffic accident.  Jean-Marc Lalonde was probably one of the friendliest and most passionate guys that I have met over here. We traveled in different circles but always met up once in a while at the local bars to shoot the breeze about whatever was going on. As time moved on, we both got married and saw less and less of each other but he always was a great member of this community. I only wish that I got to know him better.

The news came as a shock to a lot of people as Jean-Marc was a proud member of the community here. He loved playing for the local ice hockey team and was involved in many of the iconic moments of Ulsan’s expat history. He was also a great father and a loving husband.

Jean-Marc leaves behind his young son and wife. His family from Canada has arrived in Korea to make the final arrangements to have him repatriated back to Canada, which is not a cheap process. With that said, the community here is doing all that they can to raise money to help Jean-Marc’s family.

This weekend Ulsan will host a Sports Day sponsored by T-Hope, to help raise money for the family. I will be putting one of my limited edition gallery prints up for silent auction. The photo is a high quality print and one that is very precious to me as it was used in the International Photo Festival this past year. If the auction can raise a high price for the framed print, I will be more than happy. All of the money from the sale of the framed print and from the Ulsan Sports Day will be given to Jean-Marc Lalonde’s family.

If you cannot make the event or do not currently live in Korea, please help bring Jean-Marc home by making a donation here.

If you would like more information here is the Ulsan Online article and the facebook page set up in his honour

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