Where the Engineer People Live

Seaside village in Ulsan, South Korea

Working primarily as an English teacher and spending most of the last 10 years living in a one-room bachelor pad is all part of my life here in Korea. However, it is easy to think that that is how all of the other expats live in this country. The shock is when you live in a place like Ulsan where not everyone you know is a teacher and not everyone lives in a tiny one-room bachelor pad.

One of my good friends is an engineer out in the Dong-gu area of Ulsan. He is also a good photographer as well! At any rate, a while ago I got the chance to head out to his roof and get some shots. The views from the top of his apartment building were impressive to say the least. It also made me wish that I worked for a large oil company or something like that.

The area has see many changes since I lived there and it is interesting to me on many levels. The first part is that it is almost completely separate from Ulsan even though it is pretty much why Ulsan exists in the first place. It is also almost surrounded by Hyundai Heavy Industries gives it an interesting backdrop. Part industrial, part urban.

buildings in Ulsan popping out of the ground

The recent changes in the area out there have made Ilsan beach a more popular destination as much of the little markets have moved on and have been replaced with upscale coffee shops and restaurants. Thus, it is more attractive for the foreign workers that live in the area.

With the numerous changes also meant that they needed to house the many workers from around the work and the local Ulsan people as well. So, many new apartments popped up around dong-gu. This have me a chance to try and get some shots of the area on a full moon night.

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