Wol-jeong Bridge and the Traditional Village

wol-jong bridge

After seeing this bridge on John Steele’s blog post, I just had to head out there and get some shots. I am little burnt that those guys traveled all the way down here and didn’t even call! (LOL, just kidding guys… but next time…) The Wol-jeong bridge is still under construction at the moment but  they light up most of the bridge for everyone to take a look at.


Next to the bridge is a beautiful hanock village called “Kyochon Ma-ul” and it is a mixture of old and new hanock homes which have been converted into restaurants, cafes, and cultural centres. There is even a traditional winery there. The parking is a little difficult but it is a great place to check out.

9638284458_147c6a5aeb_c (1)
One of the most beautiful cafes that I have seen in a long time

Another good point about the area is that it is connected in a way to the surrounding sites. Located just behind the large tombs near the Cheomseongdae observatory, one can (with a bit of time) get there from Anapji Pond. Thus, it’s location is pretty good if you are wanting to check out all of the surrounding sites in the area.


For me the hanock village is a great addition to the area as it adds a lot of beauty to the area and with the addition of cafes and beautiful restaurants, it is a place the youth can enjoy as well as the older generation.  Even for myself, I like the area and what they have done with it.

classic anapji pond at sunset
classic anapji pond at sunset

Here is a map of the area to give you an idea of where the bridge is. You see from the map that it is tucked away behind the toms and near the museum but if you go by car you have to drive all the way around past cheomseongdae.


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