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I am happy to be a part of this great event that not only raised about $32,396.28 (at the time of this post) for charity but put together a great, no wait HUGE!! AMAZING!! bundle of photography materials as well for the shocking low price of just $89! So why is this such a good deal and why should you listen to me when it comes to doing anything? Being an affiliate I got the chance to preview these materials and they all are amazing. I would not have written this just on the idea you might want this stuff.

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First of all, if you are like me then you love learning about photography. Recently and with the loss of my main camera, I have taken the time to step up the studies and really look into the all aspects of photography. However, buying ebooks here and there, doing the online training and using the required presets and whatnot does get a little pricey. However, with this package, you are getting a boatload of well… EVERYTHING. Click the image below to find out more of what is in the bundle.


You are getting over 15 high quality ebooks, as well as videos and even awesome software! One of the programs included is Snapheal which I already have and it is a Β great program for removing unwanted elements in your photos. If you were to buy it alone it would cost at least $15 and that is just one single part of the bundle. I am not kidding when I say that you will use almost all of this bundle. It is that good. The kicker is that the deal ends this That means that you have less than 18 hours to purchase!! So Hurry!!


The good news that when you do purchase you can enter to win over $5000 dollars worth of prizes!!! This includes the New Sony Alpha A7 camera!!! There is also a workshop in Moab, the complete Topaz series and tons more prizes to give away!! Again all this for $89! So, when you head over to the site click the giveaways tab or the image above to enter the contest.


So lastly, just a word on why I like the charity thing so much. One of the cool things is that you are not just donating to “some charity” you get to choose at the time of the purchase where your money goes. You can see the list of charities and you choose, not them, but you. In my mind that is one of the best features of the bundle. Β So if you want to learn more, help others and enter to win a kick-ass bunch of camera goodies along with that sweet new Alpha A7 then enter click the link below!


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