Bujeon Market

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This weekend, after visiting my Father-in-law in the hospital, we decided to take a look around Bujeon Market before jumping on the train home. This is a busy market full of fresh seafood and vegetables. While Jagalchi gets all the tourists, this market certainly should not be overlooked for those wanting to see a more traditional style market. Here at Bujeon Market, you won’t find your normal packaged/processed food items. What you will find are fresh fish from the region including the smelly “hongeo” or spoiled skate.

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The market is rather easy to get to either by subway and getting out at Bujeon station on the orange line or by train taking the mugunhwa and getting out at Bujeon station. From the train station all you have to do is just walk across the street and you are there. Walking about mid-way down you will find the central lane that most of the other alleys seem to branch off of.

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At any rate, this market and the surrounding area is a great place to not only photograph but shop as well. Tons of fresh produce can be bought for a very good price. My wife and I walked away with a good hail of fresh onions, peppers, sweet potatoes and mushrooms all for half the price that you could buy them at the big box stores.

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The idea behind this shoot was to get a more candid feel for the market. I was using my Tokina 16-28 wide-angle set at about f2.8 for allow me to shoot on the run. Most of the shots were taken as I was walking by and only pausing to press the shutter. I was trying to be sneaky here as I wanted to catch people just doing there thing. I could have raise my camera up a bit but after checking a few shots, I like how they were turing out and continued to make my way through the market.

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