The Dondaemun Design Plaza


When it first opened I wondered what exactly it was. This spaceship-like building has landed right next to one of Seoul’s historic gates adding an interesting touch to the area. It should fit with the surrounding fashion stores and cafes but it somehow doesn’t. That being said, it is one of the coolest buildings that I have ever seen.


The “DDP” is top to bottom a feast for the eyes and a photographers dream. Every angle is a new shot and every turn there is a new angle. You could almost spend a weekend there just wandering around take shots… wait I DID! Oh and there are exhibitions going on right now, if you are interested in design. Exhibitions range from free to about 8,000 won for the sports design exhibition and the Treasures of KANSONG exhibition. Currently there is also Zaha Hadid exhibition on as well with a free preview and the main exhibition for 4,000 won.


For me what makes this place interesting is the shapes and lines. It is just interesting the way that it all flows together. The future is also blended with the past as when you walk through the building to the back there is a park with has 2 of the lights from the old stadium as well as part of the ancient gate. Some how this mix of old and new seem to work together in a way.


Another thing that stuck out for me was inside the buildings. While there is a lot of white used which gives a more futuristic feel, it is balanced by wood accents which I think is a theme throughout the  structure as there are also patches of grass on the roof that have that same sense of “modern vs nature”

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At any rate, whatever your opinion on the DDP is, you cannot deny that it is a very interesting structure and something for everyone to check out. The DDP is closed on Mondays but is open generally from 10 – 7 pm and but the lights stay on for a while after that. On Wednesdays and Fridays it is open until 9 pm.


For more information about the building and the exhibitions please check out their website Here

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