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Beomosa Temple

By on May 6, 2014 in Korea, Photography, Where to Shoot | 0 comments

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As you probably know, I now work at Busan University of Foreign Studies which sits right next to Beomosa Temple. I visited there a few weeks ago when the cherry blossoms were blooming. I returned there last night to check on the lanterns for Buddha’s birthday and was really impressed.



As I noted in my last post, I was not really feeling the lanterns this year but Beomosa really impressed me. It was not an “over-the-top” display like Samgwangsa but a more elegant display. Paths were lit by red lanterns and you were guided to the main pavilion by them as well. The trees along the main path looked amazing in the red glow of the lanterns.


White lanterns and yellow ribbons to remember the Sewol victims.

Just before the main hall and pavillion in what is normally think is the parking lot, now it the site for the larger lanterns and an area to pray and send your condolences to the victims and their families. In the fading light it was a powerful piece that many people respected.


under the main meeting area

The entrance to the temple is lined with lanterns and leads you right up to the main pavillion. What is unique about this pathway is that you actually walk under one of the meeting hall to enter the pavillion. This gives the lantern-covered area even more power in my opinion. It was a great feeling, as always, to be standing under the glow of the lanterns during this time.

Monks work hard to replace to burnt out light at the temple.

Monks work hard to replace to burnt out light at the temple.

Blue hour at Beomosa is a magical time

Blue hour at Beomosa is a magical time

Monks prepare for the big day

Monks prepare for the big day

As the night progressed, my wife and I explored the rest of the temple and the pathways. I really loved how the used only the red lanterns to light the paths. The way that they lit up the surrounding trees and bamboo was amazing.

Lantern-lit walkway is a beautiful thing

Lantern-lit walkway is a beautiful thing


At any rate, tonight is the big night and I am hoping to get out one last time to end the holiday just right. I hoped that you enjoyed these shots and don’t forget to give my facebook page a little love if you have the time!


Lanterns light the way home


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