Haedong Younggunsa Temple 2014

This is the shot that hundreds of photographers shot during buddha's birthday
This is the shot that hundreds of photographers shot during buddha’s birthday

In the last Buddha’s birthday spot that I went to this year, I bring you Haedong Younggunsa! One of my favourite temples and a beauty of a temple to shoot at during this decorative time. The sad part is that you will be fighting for “the spot” with a few hundred other photographers.


At any rate, I was happy to be there as I met up with the great photographer Macbeth Omega. Like most photographers who are waiting for the blue hour, we chatted for a bit and then went our separate ways to find the best location to shoot the temple. I decided to see what all the fuss was about as 99% of the other photographers gathered around the rocks to shoot the temple at a distance.


It was a great location but the constant shuffle of photographers started to irritate me. I had a few guys come dangerously close to knocking over my camera as they tried to shuffle around to get the best location. I settled on the most obvious of all locations simple because I was starting to get annoyed and that has a depreciative effect on my creativity.

yonggunsa photogs-1

At any rate, it was a nice night out and I got some shots that I like. I also want to leave you with this link from Chase Jarvis. Lately I have been feeling the bite of competition again and we all know what happened last time. My weakness is seeing how many likes other people get compared to me. Chase’s post sets my head straight every time and I have to share it here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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