Busan Harbour Bridge

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A while ago I went out to see the new Busan Harbour Bridge that is in the final stages of completion. It was a walking event that was supposed to finish at 5 pm but on the day that I arrived they decided to closed early. Not a smart move for what could be a once in a lifetime event for some. At anyrate, I stayed around the gate to see if a riot would break out as there were many angry people arguing to get on the bridge. The security guards were not pleased at all.

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For a while I actually thought that there was going to be a full scale riot as people started pushing back the guards, then the police came and that still didn’t cool any tempers. Finally, after enough “shi-bal saek-ki” and other Korean swears were shouted, people realized that it just was not worth it. However a few old men decided to push their way through the crowd and actually managed to get on the bridge.

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My guess was that there were some rich city officials coming who wanted the area cleared. We were even chased out of the park below. Not really the best opening for something like this. Many people left angry and annoyed that they closed so early without any real explanation. At any rate, it made for an interesting shoot to say the least.

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The Bridge adds a much needed route for the industrial shipping industry located in the area. The transport trucks normally have to head through the city which even on a good day, takes a lot of time and patience.

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