2014 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk


This past Saturday I had the pleasure of once again hosting the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. I decided to change the location to Gyeongju this year as I thought that it would appeal to more people than having it in Ulsan. My assumption was correct and we had over 20 people show up. It was a great turn out for a great day of shooting.

Our first location was the tomb park of Daereungwon. I had previously lead a photowalk here before and thus I had an idea of where people would bottleneck. After the group shot we set out across the park heading towards Cheomseongdae the ancient observatory. Most people were glued to the people flying kites as the sky was amazing. I felt like we spent a while there and got busy trying to locate people and get them on their way to the Kyochon maul.


When I arrived at the village I was pleasantly surprised that people had found their way and were eagerly waiting for the blue hour to photograph the bridge. I was a little nervous about how the restaurant would react to 20 foreigners arriving all at once. However, the restaurant was great and the handled us like pros. We had a whole room to ourselves which was great when we sang “happy birthday” to Pete DeMarco.


Overall, the walk went great. We had walkers from different cities and of different levels. I really want to thank everyone for showing up and having a great time. I am sure that next year will be even better.



For those of you who were on the walk and have registered, don’t forget to upload your best shot to the photowalk page for your chance to win a year subscription to Kelby One Training!


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