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So the amazing 5 Day Deal is almost over and there is just a few more hours to get in on this deal. Actually by the time that I finish this post there will probably be only an hour left. It finishes at 1 am here in Korea or 12 pm EST for the western world. That means that your time is running to get your hands on one of the most amazing bundles of photography resources that you can buy.

Over the last 5 days I have spread the word about the deal for 3 reasons. Number 1 is that this deal helps out 4 charities and so far they have very close to raising $200,000 for them. They just need about 900 more sales to double their goal!! Number 2 is that this is a really great deal and one for so cheap you’d be a fool to pass on it. Well… maybe that is harsh but you know what I mean. Over $2000 worth of resources that will improve your photography for just $89! Come on!

Number 3 is there is a ton of great content in the bundle. Typically, with some of these package deals you get one thing that is really good or at least that you want and then the rest is crap. However, this has a lot and I mean a lot of great stuff. If you follow my blog then you know my style. I don’t do portraits, weddings, or kiddie photos. The biggest problem I have is finding packages and ebooks that have stuff that I don’t already know. This is full of stuff that I didn’t know and that I absolutely love and that is saying a lot.

David Duchemin - The Created Image Series

David DuChemin

As you know, I am a fan of David’s work and his books. This Canadian photographer is known worldwide for his awesome humanitarian photography, his series of books and his Craft & Vision site. I love how this man thinks. In this bundle you not only get a selection of some of David’s awesome ebooks but access to his talks and though are worth their weight in gold. I sat just thinking about everything that I have learned about photography during these videos and not once did he talk about how to set up your camera. It was amazing to finally put a voice to the words that I have read and found so inspiring.

Nicole S Young - Landcape Photography Video Tutorial

Nicole S. Young

I follow this lady a lot… online. Her photographs are stunning and I find Nicole a very personable photographer. She’s one of those people that just inspire me to work harder and be more positive. In this bundle you get to a series of videos that show her workflow and photographic process. You actually get to see her thought process as chooses her shots to publish and how she edits them. For me this is interesting because I alway wonder what goes through the minds of the top photographers. How do they choose which shots and why?

Christopher O'Donnell - Golden Hours

Christopher O’Donnell

Another great photographer is Christopher O’Donnell. He has some amazing shots and ones that simple will make you drool. How does he get them? Well you get a few of his ebooks but more importantly, you get his complete exposure blending course!! That is the ebook, sample images and 8 videos!! This is one of the hottest techniques these days and you are getting a full course included in this bundle! Need I say more?

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Don’t Be that Guy…. or Gal!

Since the first time I was an affiliate for the 5 Day Deal, I tried to get the word out around here. It the tools and tricks that I learned from the original bundle was overwhelming. However, when I talked to people about it I got “yeah… I saw that…” and then they would shell out tons of cash for the same ebooks or software! Don’t be that guy or gal that has to think about a bundle of amazing tools to help you become a better photographer (also helping charity) and then has to shell out more cash to only get a fraction of the original bundle. Just think about it… you owe it to yourself to study from the best and really shot the world what you can do.

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