Gamcheon: Rain or Shine

During the last two weekends, I had the chance to visit the Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, South Korea. My first visit was a rainy day but still made for a good day out. Fellow photographer Colin Jones and I left from Ulsan to meet up with the legendary Busan Lightstalkers. Earlier this morning I returned with my wife to see how this area feels during a nice spring day.

Gamcheon is located deep in Busan, which means that I have not tried to get there until now. The new bridge means that it is pretty easy to get to from Ulsan. The village itself has an interesting history and now a colourful facade. With the influx of tourists, the people who live there may not seem the most friendly at times but it is understandable given the amount of people that go through there and the headaches that must cause.

All in all, this area is a great addition to a great city. Especially, on nice days like today. My tip is to get their early and just explore. The earlier you get there the less tourists will be around and you can actually enjoy the peaceful views from the cafes and various lookouts.

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