The 5 Day Deal: Why you should buy it NOW!!

5 Day Deal

Every year or so, I write about the 5 Day Deal. I have been an affiliate in the past and I truly enjoyed the entire experience. I opted out this year but am still promoting the event because I truly believe in even without the benefit of being an affiliate. So yes, I even bought the bundle as well because it is that good.

Here is why this year I want you to buy it. First and foremost is that it helps real people. This isn’t one of those events where people get rich and then “donate” a tiny bit to some random multinational company charity that then pays a good looking celebrity to make a show on social media donating what’s left of the tiny donation. This money goes to real people who really need it.

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The second reason is that the package this year is actually designed to help you as a photographer grow your business. That means that it is actually helping you make more money and get more clients by teaching you how to run a better business. For your $87 you are not getting another set of cleverly-named presets for lightroom that are basically copies of what instagram already comes with. What you get is a boatload of resources and training that will actually make you become a more successful photographer.

The main bulk of this amazing package is focussed on turning your hobby into a business or growing your business if you already have one. This, to me, is worth it’s weight in gold. For the low price of $87 you are getting enough information, training, worksheets, courses, and videos to turn your passion into your livelihood. This is what I want to do this year and it’s what I think most of your want to do as well.

To get training like this will cost you thousands of dollars. As many of you know, I also run another website. Day to day, it gets spammed with people who have no idea how to run an online business. They think that by spamming  facebooks group they will somehow make a lot of money. Smart businesses simply don’t do that and neither do smart photographers. What is contained in this year’s bundle are tons of new and exclusive products to take you from facebook spammer to a smart business-minded photographer that has a huge following.

I encourage you all now to pick up this package before the time runs out and help yourself as well as help some people who really need it.

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