The Complete Cinemagraph Pro Tutorial Launch

Have you ever wondered how I create the cinemagraphs that you see on my blog or insagram feed? Now you can with my all new cinemagraph pro course. I will take you through my workflow using Flixel’s Cinemagraph Pro and give you some sample videos to edit as well. Again, this is a complete course so I will not only show you how the app works on both the mac and iOS but I will also show you specifically how to edit for different subjects.

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Recently, cinemagraphs have been taking off and Facebook has even started integrating them into their platform. The Flixel team has been there on the front lines. Now is better than ever to get started learning how to make cinemagraphs with one of the easiest apps to create stunning HD images.

With this tutorial series, I show you just how simple it is to create these one-of-a-kind images. Cinemagraphs are great for getting more views and likes. Up until now, it was a difficult process to make them and even harder to export a quality GIF from inside photoshop. Using my workflow and Flixel’s Cinemagraph Pro, you can make your images come alive without having to fuss with manually creating layer masks and duplicating clips. I will show you how to make an amazing cinemagraph simply and easily.

As an added bonus, I am not only showing you how to create your own cinemagraphs but giving you a $40 discount for the Flixel Cloud + Apps yearly subscription! So that means if you want to take your cinemagraphs to the next level and get all the flixel apps plus storage then check out my tutorials and get the discount code at the end of the video!

Enrol now and start making eye-catching images that grab your attention fast than a photo and are more effective than a standard video.

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