How to Add Cinemagraphs into Adobe Portfolio

Few people know that with your adobe creative cloud subscription you also get a powerful website creator. This is included in the photographer’s deal that adobe has as well as the full creative cloud subscription. I first came this over at Kelby Training who have a great course on how to get your site up and running in about 10 minutes.

The first thing that you are going to do is head over to Once you login, you can go ahead and start finding a suitable layout for your site. These layouts are all responsive and your cinemagraphs will look good on your desktop as well as mobile. What I find for cinemagraphs is a simple layout works best as you want the cinemagraphs to take centre stage.

Once you have the site the way that you want it, it is time to add in your cinemagraphs. This is an extremely simple task to do. Click on the “+” icon on the left and then choose “project” From there you will be asked to give your project a name. This will be the title of your gallery. Once you have completed that you then can start adding in your embed codes.

Now go to your flixel page and find the cinemagraph that you want to embed. Choose “fixed” instead of responsive and check the “use HD” option. Copy that to the clipboard and then jump back to the adobe portfolio editor. Click “embed” and then paste your code into the window and click “embed” and your cinemagraph will appear.

Once this is done just repeat the process with all of the other cinemagraphs that you want to add. After finishing, I would recommend using an exported still from Cinemagraph Pro to use as the cover photo. This just creates a bit more consistency. Then you can finish the process by following the steps outlined in the youtube video above.

All in all this is a great way to quickly set up a great portfolio of your cinemagraphs that you can customize in away that is pleasing to both you and your clients. This again is a free service that comes with your creative cloud plan. Feel free to check my portfolio out there.

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