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We live in a great age where we have access to millions of courses to help us learn just about everything. Courses are easy to produce and even easier to consume. Which is why I have a hard time when I hear photographers say that they can’t use photoshop or don’t know how to set something. At any rate, the world of photography education is growing and it is hard to narrow down the choices. So here are a few that I have chosen to help give you the best start or help you brush up on some skills.  Click the titles to check out the websites!

I know what you are thinking “that’s a shameless self plug” and to that I say “yup! It’s my blog” LOL With that being said, I have produced a few courses that help you learn the basics of lightroom and cinemagraph pro. I am not going to exotic locations and I am not riding around Europe in a tour bus. I am just like you but I have been studying photography for over a decade now. So with that in mind and coupled with the fact that I am a teacher with a masters in education, I have created courses that are designed to help you learn in the best way possible.

5 Day Deal

I love these guys and every year they put out one heck of a sale. Every year I also see some photographers doing the internet version of “tire-kicking” when it comes to this sale. Then when the 5 days are up and the sale is over and I am raving about how awesome the deals were, they kick themselves! Here is the thing, you have to invest in yourself. This sale not only gives you ebooks, presets, programs and more it pushes you to get interested into improving your photography. You get thousands of dollars worth of stuff designed to help you improve every aspect of your photography and not to mention make a huge donation to charity.

Creative Live 

This is one of my favourite places to pick up new skills from. The reason being that it is not just about photography but every aspect of the creative pursuit. There are courses on finance, marketing, photography (of course), and life. Not to mention that it is primarily free. There are no premium plans or limits. You just go to the site and check out whats on for the day. You can RSVP upcoming courses and watch them when they air live and not to mention get access to a lot of free resources. If you have their app you get a free course of your choosing everyday. So now you can see why I like these guys so much. There is a lot of content on a wide range of topics for free. Not to mention that you can take it with you wherever you go.

Kelby One

Kelby One is a great place for a real course-like class. Their courses are top-notch and designed to really teach you almost every aspect of photography. While a membership is not cheap the courses are extremely well put together and they offer a lot if you are into the photoshop world type stuff. That means there are discounts and coupons for equipment as well as a subscription to Photoshop User Magazine. While this is one of the more expensive options here, it is also one of the best produced sites. The video tutorials are visually stunning and very well organized. The instructors are amazing and have a clear plan for their lesson.

Shutter Evolve

Jimmy McIntyre is a good friend of mine and has a lot of resources on his site. His Raya Pro plugin is awesome and so are all of his tutorials. Not to mention that his down-to-earth approach is what you need when mastering a new skill. Jimmy offers a lot of great free content too. He is truly a master when it comes to editing amazing images.

YouTube Channels

As I said there are a lot of great courses out there and many are free resources on Youtube. Here are a few that are great channels that deserve a few moments of your time.

Peter McKinnon – A fellow Canadian, his videos are not only helpful but hilariously entertaining as well. He has gone full-time vlogger so he uploads videos regularly.

Serge Ramelli – I really like his videos and he puts together some great content. I became a fan after getting some of his material in a 5 Day Deal purchase.

Thomas Heaton – Another photographer that has a really great channel. He posts more of a vlogging style but is one of the few dedicated landscape photographers with a solid following.

The Art of Photography – A large channel with some solid tutorials on photography. There are also some great in depth reviews on cameras and gear as well.

Flixel Photos – For all things related to cinemagraph pro and cinemagraphs. The have quite a few tutorials and inspiring examples of cinemagraphs made with their software.

Fstoppers – While their premium tutorials are insanely expensive, their channel is full of great tips and tricks.

Jason Teale – The most amazing YouTube Channel out there! Not really but please subscribe…. please… don’t make me beg….

So there you have it. You now have all the best places to get great material for basically nothing. The next step is to actually use it. I have made a goal recently to read all of the ebooks on that hard drive. Given the fact that I have been collecting a lot since finding out about 5 Day Deal, I have my work cut out for me. The key here is to read, write, use and review. If you fail, no worries! Just keep learning and experimenting. Eventually something will stick and you will (through the process) learn so much more than a dude who thinks that they just press a button and magically they get better.

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