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I am sure that you have all  seen that meme about how people will buy shoes from Michael Jordan but not support their friends or family in their new business or side gig. I feel in many ways this is the same for photography. In many ways, we have been programmed to admire celebrities over our friends or family. We trust their “brand” more than our “buddy”  who goes out every weekend to get the most beautiful shots you can imagine.


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Recently, fellow photographer Noe Alonzo, had been putting in a lot of time creating jaw dropping images of Seoul and just becoming a force in the photography world here in South Korea. His images went viral and his profiles got hammered with new subscribers. I was shocked to see that he shared the wealth per say, and included a few friends profiles in an instagram story. With mine being one of those names, I saw spike in my follower count. This got me thinking about how powerful this kind of support is.


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Following that, I had a discussion with two very talented photographers about this topic. LeighMacArthur was a part of the team that I put together for the Flixel Visa Olympics project and shared a similar meme to the one that I mentioned above. Soon after Martin Bennie and I started discussing how we don’t see enough photographers promoting and sharing each others work. Soon after, we all started circulating links and whatnot but it got me thinking. “Why don’t we do this more often?” because after all, it takes next to nothing to like, share and give a shoutout to someone who might not have a million followers.


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In a world full of nasty comments and internet trolls, we need to get back to our roots and actually build a better community. This only happens when we help others and share the spotlight a bit too. Often, we follow the trends and clamour for the affection of celebrity photographers but forget about the ones who are working 40-hours a week to afford a new lens or that photoshop subscription. These are the people that are taking great images and truly need your support. Peter McKinnon is doing fine for now, but Peter DeMarco could use a little more love.

With that in mind, here are some photographers that I feel that you should follow. These are real photographers who are passionate about their craft and take amazing photos. Please take the time to follow these people and leave some comments. I would love hear what you think about their work.


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Colin Corneau

This is one of the hardest-working freelancers from my hometown. His work is amazing and I would love to see him get more of it. Colin is a professional on all levels and has worked for places like the Brandon Sun and Red River College in Winnipeg. I am not a huge fan of street photography but Colin’s work with his Reserved At All Times site makes me homesick for Brandon. He is able to tell amazing stories through his lens which most of us would likely never see. Colin is a true master of his craft and has spent a lifetime documenting rural life in Manitoba. If you can survive in a creative profession in a place like Brandon, Manitoba then you have what it takes to make it pretty much anywhere. Check out his new site as well (click on his name above), it is really good!


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Pete DeMarco

Another great photographer that is working hard to step up his game. Pete is a dedicated teacher and an amazing photographer. Since becoming a full-time photographer, he has poured himself into the craft. Living in an area that is better suited for his passion, he has done some amazing things. He has also worked with photographers like  Benjamin Von Wong. His easy going personality and top notch professionalism are clearly evident in his tutorials and in his photography. Pete is one of those photographers that has a never-ending desire to learn and improve. Just when you think that he can’t get any better, he will drop a set of images from his recent travels that will blow your mind!

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Steve Robinson

Steve has been through a great deal in the past couple of years. After a tragic accident he struggled with his passion for photography and mobility. Pushing through the pain, he has gone on to take some truly awe inspiring photos. It also goes to show a lot about his character and how much passion he has for photography. Steve has strength few of us can even imagine. I am pretty sure many people would have given up if they would have broken their neck in a foreign country but Steve push on and his photos show it.


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Dylan Goldby

Dylan is one of those photographers that I deeply respect. He is humble and friendly but yet extremely professional. His work goes well beyond family portraits to documenting disappearing cultures and writing for sites like F-Stoppers and DPS. The work in his Tattoos of Asia project is stunning. I picked up his book  and was immediately put back by the quality of his images and the stories of how he managed to photograph these remote tribes. He does the work that many other photographers only dream of. Not too many people I know are willing to travel to a really remote village for  personal project and then use the funds to help that community.


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Roy Cruz

Roy is one of the coolest photographers that I know. His style is top notch and he is just an all around great guy. He has mastered almost every type of photography out there from travel to portraits. Not to mention that he is extremely skilled with a drone as well. Armed with his Fuji, he can take some serious photos that will make you step back and wonder if you should even pick up your camera again. Looking at his instagram feed, you can see his wide range of talent and expertise. He is definitely worth the follow as his photos will always inspire you. Roy was also on my team for the Olympics and took some amazing shots. You can see a lot of those members on this initial list and that is because I looked for the best and that is what I have included here as well.


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Greg Samborski

Greg has to be one of the hardest working, creative and nicest guys that I know. He is completely professional and yet fun and relaxed. Typically, I have found that photographers with Greg’s level of talent to be… well… kind of dicks. Yet, Greg is the type of photographer that can handle pretty much everything and still be calm and happy. Not sure how he does it but it works and his list of clients keeps growing. He was a vital member of my Visa/Flixel Olympic team. He rolled with the punches on that project and really showed everyone how great photographers work and act.


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Scott Rotzoll

I first met Scott when he lived in Ulsan, where I have planted myself for the last 15 years. He was and still is a great guy. He got into photography while here and started taking some stunning images. When he relocated himself to Cambodia, things really took off. His images show a personal side of the community which he is helping. The images show a happiness despite the challenges that his subjects face each and everyday. To capture that kind of emotion takes a lot of talent. Scott has a ton of talent and skill and seems to take stunning images with ease .

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is that I know each and every one of these photographers. I see how hard they work and how passionate they are about their craft. I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to look at their work and follow them too. I will continue to publish more of these posts in the future as well.

As for the purpose behind this post, I would much rather see a more positive community of photographers helping one another than what it is now. We can’t all be celebrities but we can ALL help each other. We might not be the best either, but with a little help from others, we can improve our photography bit by bit. In my mind that is what makes a community strong. While I am no angel, I have certainly realized that it is better to help than to criticise in a way that diminishes the passion that we all have for the art of photography.


  1. Jonny Blair Reply

    Thanks for the list. I compiled a similar list about Polish photographers to follow. I look forward to seeing their Instagram photos. Safe travels. Jonny

    • Jason Teale Reply

      Likewise Jonny. Save travels!

      • Ishtiaq Reply

        Can you get a NX 500 from a Samsung dealer in Seoul? What’s the cost there?

        • Jason Teale Reply

          Yeah you can get one in Seoul but you are probably going to find it a lot cheaper using Korean online shopping sites like Gmarket or Danawa. Usually they will be around 700,000 won to 850,000 won

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