Blendeo: Flixel’s Game Changer

No matter how advanced smartphone cameras get, there is one thing that they all still struggle with and that is getting decent long exposures. Sure, they can boost shadows and brighten the image but they still can’t get that look of when you hold your shutter open for 30 seconds and traffic turns into a brilliant beam of light.

Enter Blendeo from Flixel. As you may know, I have worked closely with Flixel over the years and they are some of the best and hardest working people out there. When they showed me their new app Blendeo, I was floored. Their app is simple and works like magic.

What is Blendeo?

Blendeo is something that every photographer has been dreaming about since they first saw the grainy, chunky results when they attempted taking a long exposure on their phone.

Blendeo allows you to capture light trails and motion blur using your smartphone’s camera. However, the possibilities for this are endless as Blendeo not only adds this effect to photos but video as well and it can export directly to Cinemagraph Pro.

What Does Blendeo Do?

Essentially, Blendeo takes a video or uses a video that you’ve imported and works it’s magic on it. It finds the moving objects and adds either a motion blur effect or a light trail effect to the image. All of this is at your control even the format. So you can choose whether or not you want a video or still image.

You can then increase the exposure time to extend the light trails or even smooth out the water. You can also speed up or slow down the video clip. Once done you can save or export the clip to Cinemagraph Pro.

Is Bendeo Just For Cinemagraphs?

The short answer is no. Blendeo works great for still images as well as for video. It actually makes really great images and the fact that it comes free with your Flixel subscription is even better.

The app is great for making still images when you are in those tricky situations where your smartphone camera just won’t drag the shutter like you can on a DSLR. This opens up a world of possibilities not just for smartphones but for drones as well.

The bottomline is that Blendeo is a wonderful new app that has a world of possibilities for mobile shooters. It is currently offered free as part of your Flixel Subscription and you can try it for free there. Use my coupon “JTEALE10” for a 10% discount on any plan.

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