This is a blog dedicated to helping photographers achieve their best. I try to do regular posts on how to shoot, how to edit and how to make the best of your photography. This blog is a must for any regular who are just wanting down-to-earth articles on photography.

I have been taking photos for over a decade. I have been published by National Geographic, F-Stoppers and Travel + Leisure Asia. Also locally in Korea by the Korea Herald, Seoul Selection Magazine, 10 Magazine, Daegu Pockets, The Ulsan Pear. He has worked as the lead for the AFC Champions League in 2007.

I have also worked with the fine people at 5 Day Deal. I am also known as a  “Flixel Wizard” by Flixel as I am a brand ambassador for them. I did a major job with Flixel and Visa for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

My Story

So now you know who I am and what I have done, but how did I get here? It is a bit of a story, but I will keep it short.

I grew up in a small city in Manitoba, Canada and was entirely normal. I had a strong interest in the outdoors and that lead me to going to university in Thunder Bay.

It was there where I met Dave Harvey, who upon graduating left to teach in Ulsan, South Korea. I, facing massive student debt, followed 6 months later. Soon after, I had enough to buy my first digital camera in 2003.

Dave was integral in getting me into photography and taught me pretty much everything I needed to know in the early days. We travels around Korea and Japan taking photos and building our sites.

I stayed in Korea as Dave left to travel and Finally reside back in Canada. With the knowledge I learn from Dave, I continued to progress and take on larger jobs and projects. From sports photography to to Olympics, I did everything that I could while also being a full time teacher.

In 2015, Dave passed away from cancer. I lost my best friend and mentor. He left us way too early, but he gave me not only the best friendship I could have ever hoped for but also the gift of photography.

It is this gift that I hope to pass on to you. I finished my masters in Education shortly after Dave’s passing. I launched my tutorials and reforcussed my blog to help teach and pass on this gift of photography.

I really hope to be a sort of “Dave” to the rest of you. I know that they are better and more well-made blogs out there but I hope that this blog is a friendly place that you can feel comfortable to ask questions or just chat.

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